Friday, August 19, 2011

I need a map

I started the week off well with a 2hr steady road ride on Monday to help the legs recover and keep them ready. I headed out again Tuesday for another 2hrs to get a couple sets of Tabata intervals done and a race pace interval. I finished my ride out at Kelso to watch Dan and Manda race. Dan crushed it, went balls out and was a lot faster then the previous weeks due to all his hard training over the last bit. Manda held her own pretty well and had a solid ride. I stayed away from racing because I still wasn't fully recovered from Saturday and 50mins at race pace would've burried me in a hole, so the Tabata's put the hurt on my lungs but not so much my legs. Wednesday I was at the gym after work and spun the legs out for 30mins and then did a good core workout. I felt pretty good during the workout and got in a solid sauna stretch afterward. Yesterday I had an easy 1.5 hour ride on the mtb so I decided to head to Hilton Falls just next door to Kelso. I figured since it's so flat it will give my legs a break from the hills at Kelso and the ton of rocks at HF will help me work on my tech skills. It started out as a great idea and I was having an awsome fun ride until I got lost. Here's the problem, Kelso I know inside out as its a prretty basic trail system. Most of the trails at Kelso are marked and you are either on top of the escarpment or below it. The are not really any trails that connect other trails together that arn't marked. At HF the Halton Regional Forest (The Agreement Forest) is connected to it and all of those trails are not marked. There is no big escarpment either to use as a land mark, and instead of being a square shape, it is rectangular with a North side that goes out and a far West side. Needless to say it's a freakin maze. I had planned to stay along the double track and ride only Hilton Falls' single track that is marked. Because there are so many side trails and intersections that aren't marked I ended up going off the main single track and ended up in the Agreement Forest. I managed to miss every storm cloud that was dropping buckets of rain and somehow lost my way back to my car - I definitely didn't find my way back to my car as I had no idea where I was. In the end great ride, and great place to work on your tech skills. My plan is to ride there on easy days and eventually learn the trails as best I can and my tech skills should improve quite a bit.

Today will be a brutally tough ride after work, a bunch of race simulation intervals, pyramid intervals, and not a whole lot of rest in between. I feel really good today as my week of rest and solid sleep/nutrition is starting to work. After my ride this evening I'll just be taking it easy, stretch and roll the legs and the rest of the weekend will be spent doing easy spins. Sunday I'll be at Kelso with Mark for a short easy ride and sometime this weekend I'll be going to trade in my old snow board for some xc skiis - should make training this winter a lot more exciting.

All for now.

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